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2014 Talks

"Listen Closer"

Sean Bengry
Learning Strategist
Carvin Eison
Film Director
Melanie Funchess
Community Organzer
Reenah Golden, Liam Knighten, Steve Humphrey, Adrian Elim
Multidisciplinary Artists
Alexis Harris, Michelle Sason, LaKeishia Brown
Slam Poets
Andrea Holland
CEO Holland Communications
Erin Kate Howard, Marcy Savastano, Beth Winslow
Lady Parts Theater Company
Irfan Khan
Garrett Kinsman
Creator of Audiate
Matt Meleski
E-Bikes Proprietor
M André Primus
Founder of RocShare
Stephen Roessner
Grammy Winner
Gerry Szymanski
John Valenti, Evan Wormwood, John Delmonico, Reilly Cook
Passive Aggressives Anonymous
Noah Wagoner
Co-Founder of The Self Made Men

"Power of Public Space"

"Places, people & passion -- creative place making through art"
"The Big Picture project"

"At the Daily Refresher"

"Accepting the idea of failure"
"The making of the Monroe Milers"