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Conversations worth having

  • Posted on: 5 August 2014
  • By: Irene

Hello TEDxFlourCity fans!

Announcing the next TEDxFlourCity2014 video release: Lady Parts

Lady Parts Theatre Company is a female led theatre troupe that focuses on bringing awareness to issues that adversely affect girls and women.  Led by Erin-Kate Howard, Marcy J. Savastano and Beth Winslow, the group seeks to both entertain and educate, providing a safe space to address difficult issues.

From left to right: Marcy, Erin-Kate and Beth perform at TEDxFlourCIty2014

One of their main focuses is rape culture, defined as an environment where sexual violence against women is normalized. Their goal is for people to step back and realize that the messages young men and girls receive from the media’s depictions of violence against women are, in fact, not normal, despite their prevalence in our culture.

One of Beth Winslow’s favorite aspects of Lady Parts is when their audience members gain a new perspective on the issues they address. “If one audience member leaves one of our shows or one of our readings with a new idea…or understanding something in a way they didn’t before, I think that’s really awesome and empowering and exciting,” says Beth.

Members of the Lady Parts Theatre Co. take turns hosting open to the public play readings in their homes, during which they encourage local artists to introduce potential scripts and all in attendance to speak candidly and informally about the topics brought up in the plays. Although these events are fondly called Ladies in the Living Room , men are welcome and invited to participate.

“It’s usually men who surprise me,” says Erin-Kate, “and I don’t mean that I think they would never get it but…the questions they ask are so interesting—they want to be a part of this conversation but they don’t know how.” It is through these events and conversations with their audience members, Erin-Kate says they have learned, “there are questions out there that people aren’t asking and discussions people aren’t having…”

It is exactly these conversations that the theatre troupe spark in their TEDxFlourCity2014 talk. Watch "More than just our parts: Living in a rape culture”:



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