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E-bike your way

  • Posted on: 5 September 2014
  • By: Irene

Hello TEDxFlourCity readers! Welcome to the first week of September. With this mid-July weather happening, there are several weeks yet to enjoy your outdoor sports and end of summer activities. Among the events to add to your calendar this month is the first TEDxFlourCitySalon event in our Salon Series this year! Have you signed up yet?

And now on to our video release highlight. In this week’s video, our TEDxFlourCity2014 speaker would like to introduce you to a new way of biking, that you may or may not have considered this summer.

Matt Meleski is a proud convert to the electronic bike, or “e-bike,” community. He a proprietor at E-Bikes East, where he specializes in creating e-bikes customized to each user’s needs and strives to bring E-bike culture to the Rochester community.

Matt Meleski on the TEDxFlourCity2014 stage

What is an e-bike? Meleski describes it as “pretty much like a normal bike except it has a throttle to control the assist.” An efficient and economic way of traveling, e-bikes, Meleski says, “can be used as a feasible mode of transportation on a nearly every day basis—it’s not just a toy.” People who are a part of E- bike culture are “more open to these other modes of transportation, whether they be walking, riding a regular bicycle, maybe taking public transit…and then if at all possible, driving a car when only necessary.”

Alternate forms of transportation are sometimes the only option. Meleski has helped design custom e-bikes for people who can’t drive a car for various medical reasons and need another safe way to transport themselves independently.    

“The biggest thing for me,” says Meleski, “is really pushing the industry forward, and letting people who wouldn’t normally be able to, kind of be introduced…I’d like to get them up to speed.” No pun intended.

Of his first ride on an e-bike Meleski says, “I was resistant to it at first…but as it’s happened with anyone that’s ever ridden an e-bike, you give it a try, you hop on it, and you immediately understand... it’s a sense of emotional connection, you get on it, and then you have this ridiculous smile. Any test drive I’ve ever experienced anybody take on an e-bike, they always come back to me and they have this goofy smile—it’s the same one every time—and then after that happens that person is in it to win it…

"It’s a moving experience and when you’re going from point A to point B and you’re being efficient and you’re doing work, enjoy it! And you always enjoy your trip on an e bike.”

Watch Matt Meleski’s TEDxFlourCity2014 talk "E-bikes: A viable mode of transportation":



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Have a fabulous weekend, and we will catch you back here next week!