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Ed tech is hot

  • Posted on: 11 November 2014
  • By: Irene

TEDxFlourCity fans, supporters and family…

This blogger apologizes for the long hiatus from posting. The Fall brought changes and a few curveballs, as life sometimes does. But fear not, you have NOT been abandoned. 

Like the Winter wind as it rushes in, it’s time to blow the Fall dust off of the blog and bring you the inside scoop and speaker commentary on the remaining TEDxFlourCity2014 talks.

Welcome back, and check it out:

Sean Bengry is a self described lifelong learner and a learning geek. Officially, manager of learning strategy and design at Accenture, his goal is to revolutionize corporate education. 

Sean Bengry on the TEDxFlourCity2014 stage

"I'm here to show you how people actually learn on the job may be very different than how you've learned (or think you've learned) in the past”  says Bengry of his TEDxFlourCity2014 talk.

In his talk Bengry highlights how in professional settings we are often left to learn on our own rather than with a “learning advocate”; a departure from what many experience during their journey through the U.S. education system. 

In a corporate education you “ask a question, get one answer back,” says Bengry. He urges people to instead expand their knowledge by crowdsourcing their questions and answers, and being empowered to seek out personalized training in their place of work without relying on traditional corporate training structures. His alternative: Educational Technology.

“I’m sort of a creator of platforms—technological platforms and experiences like a self paced course, or a foundation for them to create their own blogs…to create a community around learning and find the information quickly and help themselves,” explains Bengry.

In the new corporate education, knowledge is captured in networks of people, rather than in the brains of each individual, according to Bengry. He challenges companies to embrace new technology and online learning tools, and challenges learners to ask what they need to know, and share that information once they receive it. 

Why change the way things have been done?

“Educational technology is hot right now,” says Bengry. But not only that. 

“The more that you serve people the more that you become a person who they look up to and that expert that they respect.”

For employees, adopting new corporate education strategies means staying on the cutting edge of your field and for employers; it means increasing the respect of your employees by providing them with the tools and information they need when they need it. It’s a win-win that may just be the next evolution of training in the workplace.

Watch Sean Bengry’s talk: The Revolution of Self-Directed Learning:



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