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Giving away everything you have

  • Posted on: 30 November 2014
  • By: Irene


Greetings TEDxFlourCity community!

Have you ever: 

  • Used Craigslist's free section?
  • Lent someone your car when you were away?
  • How about participated in a potluck?

If so, you have engaged in a transaction of a sharing economy. M. Andre Primus is helping to increase awareness about Rochester's local sharing economy and explain how you can benefit by getting involved. Read on to find out more…

The “Sharing economy is what happens when you love your neighbor as yourself,” says M. Andre Primus, founder of RocShare. It is his standard explanation for his organization and the concept that defines it.

M. Andre Primus on the TEDxFlourCity2014 stage

The principle itself is simple: find what you have to share, then find a community and share it. The sharing economy already exists in Rochester in many different forms (including Rochester Greenovation, The Rochester Free Store, and the Ant Hill community among many others). RocShare works to expand it by connecting its members, promoting sharing events and providing a platform for those who are new to the sharing economy to explore it and join. 

Primus distinguishes what he does with Roc Share from other ideas of what a sharing economy is. 

“I personally focus more on the personal and small scale neighborhood scale kind of stuff,” he says. 

One challenge the sharing economy community faces is that people are reluctant to get involved out of fear. 

People fear “that they’re not going to have enough. They fear that other people aren’t reliable. and those are the two biggest things in the sharing economy…Really that’s just not true,” says Primus. 

“…It’s creating communities and cultures of generosity such that you can feel comfortable giving away everything you have because you know that everyone else is doing the same thing….it really is about that concept of abundance.”

Primus encourages viewers of his TEDxFlourCity2014 talk to feel empowered to reject these fears and check out their local sharing economies. Watch his talk "Love and the new economy": 



In the spirit of love and the sharing economy, we would love for you to share this article, this video and these ideas if you took something away! 

Stay tuned for our next TEDxFlourCity2014 video highlight when we bring you an inside look at local innovation in prosthetic limb design and distribution. 

Have a wonderful week!