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June 4th.

  • Posted on: 2 June 2014
  • By: Irene

June has arrived (happy summer!) and that means our event is only two weeks away and there are only 

Three. Days. Left. To Apply.

Things are going smoothly and with nearly every seat taken, we at TEDxFlourCity are very excited. The Devil is in the details now as we recruit volunteers, solidify our supplies and become well acquainted with our space in Kilbourn Hall.

If you’ve seen this image on your social media, you are friends with one of our members and you already know what you need to do if you haven’t yet. June 4th is the application deadline. I’ll just leave this here.

The full list of speakers for TEDxFlourCity2014: Listen Closer was announced in last week’s Democrat and Chronicle. You can read more about this year’s upcoming event in the article here. And now for this week's topic teasers:

Listen Closer…

Listen to your body. What are you sacrificing when you decide to cover up, subdue or alter one of your physical features to fit in? Andrea Holland argues, you may be trading precious time and/or quality of life to protect yourself from criticism. She urges all to come out from behind whatever it is we may be hiding behind, and show up in the world in our most natural way. She shares her own story of being forced out of this type of hiding, to demonstrate that it is much better to come out willingly.

Listen to your heart--doctor. Learn how not to die of Sudden Death. The process of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), or "Sudden Death," is far different than other types of cardiac disease, and so are the treatments. The majority of people who suffer from sudden cardiac arrest are not considered to be at a high risk. Irfan Khan describes new technology for treatment of this widely misunderstood health condition and shares new knowledge and challenges surrounding SCA. He also reveals the one piece of medical information everyone with any kind of heart problem should know.

You won't hear a sound if you're listening to an electrical bike. At least that's how it will seem compared to a motorcycle. Electrical bikes, or “e-bikes,” serve as an alternate means of transportation that can be more practical than a traditional bicycle, are more eco-friendly and efficient than a motorcycle, and provide a pleasant commuting experience. Matt Meleski describes how he, a motorcyclist, was converted into an e-bike believer, and how an e-bike was able to improve the quality of life of a teenager with a physical disability.

Remember, you have until June 4th to apply to attend the biggest TEDxFlourCity event yet. If any of these speakers captured your interest and you haven’t yet applied to join our audience, take a few moments and go for it! The application is short, but taking the time to fill out a well thought out application, rather than rushing through one Wednesday night, is time well spent.

If you like sharing, please do! Scroll over the “share” button below and let your friends and family on social media in on the opportunity to attend a great event. We’ll see you back here next week with our final topic teaser and more TEDxFlourCity news. Don’t miss it!