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Looking forward and looking back

  • Posted on: 21 July 2014
  • By: Irene

Greetings TEDxFlourCity readers! We hope you are enjoying your summer and it is full of many happy memories to look back on and much to look forward to.

Here at TEDxFlourCity we are already geared up for the next year of events. We are excited to be hosting a thank you event for our volunteers this week, and will be hosting events for our speakers and the TEDxFlourCity-loving community in the next few months. Stay tuned!

And now it is time for an important look back…We are very excited to announce that TEDxFlourCity2014 talks are being released online! The first talk we are releasing was given by Andrea Holland, communication coach and CEO of Holland Communications.


Andrea Holland on the TEDxFlourCity 2014 stage

Of her work, Andrea says the thing she most enjoys is “Watching people tackle something that really scares them and learning how to do it better.” She says her favorite moments are “when people call me up and say ‘I totally did what you told me to do and it freaked me out but it was so awesome because it worked!’”

When asked about the biggest insight she’s gained through her communication coaching she responded, “One thing I’m always telling my clients that I believe we all need to do in life, is to be able to get uncomfortable… it’s in our discomfort that I think we find our greatest self.” This is the theme of her TEDxFlourCity2014 talk, in which she describes a moment of ultimate discomfort, brought on by the loss of control of a defining part of her appearance, and why it is important to experience and overcome situations like this.

“Everybody defines it differently but we all want to be happy and be in control of our choices, and I address that in this talk. I make the point that we’re not so different…” Andrea asks us all to question, “What is it that I hide behind and is it keeping me from being happy? When we hide we are living our lives by the rules of others. And when we decide to say no and say I’m playing this my way, that is the most liberating feeling ever.”

Watch Andrea’s TEDxFlourCity2014 talk “The Constant Weight on My Head”:



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