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A New, interactive music experience

  • Posted on: 11 August 2014
  • By: Irene

Hello TEDxFlourCity fans! We are steadily making our way through the summer and as the team starts to hit the reset button on our event year, we are seeing our calendars fill up again. Later this week we are very excited to be hosting a special reunion of TEDxFlourCity speakers from the past three years. In the meantime, our video release party rolls on!:

This week we are releasing the talk given by Garrett Kinsman. Garrett is both a graphic and an industrial designer and a student at MCC, who presented his designs for the newest generation of smartphones at a Google conference earlier this year. He is part of a team to develop technology to contribute to the upcoming advances in mobile computing.

Garrett Kinsman on the TEDxFlourCIty2014 stage

Audiate and the Pirate Box are software and hardware, respectively, that allow smartphone users to share information with each other using their own Bluetooth or wifi capabilities, and without relying on an external network. This concept is called peer-to-peer networking.

“…The idea that you can have a bunch of devices and that they can all communicate directly with each other… this is going to open up a whole world of possibilities for technology and new applications.”

Garrett describes some of the widespread applications for this technology, with a focus on music, in his TEDxFlourCity2014 talk. His goal is to help people to understand how it works, how it can be used, and to think about the implications it may have on our lives as well as the impact we can make with it.

“Technology is going to get more complicated, and it’s going to do that exponentially…so it’s important for people to start thinking about these things and what kind of implications they might have on our daily lives… wondering ‘How does that work?’ ‘Can I do that better? Can I make a difference?’ A lot of people don’t think they can make a difference but, in reality you can. I mean, the future is what we make it right now.”

Watch Garrett’s TEDxFlourCity2014 talk, titled “Connecting Through New Interactions in Music”:

Now that you have seen the future, we would love for you to share your knowledge of cutting edge technology. Just scroll over the “share” button below! We’ll see you back here next week as the next video from TEDxFlourCity2014 debuts online. Follow us on facebook to be notified of each new video released.

Have a wonderful week!