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TEDxFlourCity2014: Listen Closer: Recap-- In case you missed it!

  • Posted on: 30 June 2014
  • By: Irene

Greetings TEDxFlourCity readers!

We thank you for your checking back with us after our much needed break from posting. TEDxFlourCity organizers took two weeks off from meeting and planning to allow ourselves time off after a busy start to the summer. We hope you’ve had as restful a few weeks as we've had.

And now, back to the program.

Want to know what it’s like to be Rochester famous?

During lunch at the Orange Glory café with Andrea Holland, who kicked off the talks at TEDxFlourCity2014, TEDxFlourCity founder and director William Monteith experienced this: “two minutes into telling me people continue to facebook and tweet at her about her talk, someone came up to our table and was like, ‘are you the person who talked about hair at TEDxFlourCity?’ ”

The impact of her talk is exactly the effect we were hoping for in putting together TEDxFlourCity2014: Listen Closer.  

Andrea Holland‘s talk at TEDxFlourCity2014 described her journey to greater freedom from societal standards of beauty and a call to action for each person to face the world without hiding their natural physical features every day.

16 organizers and 21 volunteers helped to put together the 17 talks and performances and six interactive labs that made up the event. With over 400 Rochester community members at TEDxFlourCity 2014, our mission to spread and grow ideas was a major success.  

People connected...

People In Concert’s People in Production lab. Attendees found their "jobs" based on the name of a famous Rochester person printed on their badges, and applied their interpretation of the job onto a large canvas.


People in Concert’s People In Poems lab.  Attendees found and paired up with another person with the same name of a famous Rochester person on their badge, and created poetry together on the outside of acrylic walls, temporarily installed in the Cominsky Promenade hallway outside of Kilbourn Hall.

and expressed themselves.

People in Concert’s People in Pas lab. Attendees danced in response to a piece of music and had their movements recorded to be amassed into a video montage.

The performances were educational...

Reenah Golden’s performance art piece depicting a conversation with her son about coming of the closet, set in front of statistics about anti-gay bullying, revealed truths about what it is like to have, and be, a gay, African-American, teenage son.

and inspiring...

(Left to right): Michelle Sason, LaKeishia Brown and Alexis Harris closed out the day with their soul-shaking-and-stirring spoken word performance about the assault to our identities and self image the media and society commits, titled “There is a War.”

and all of the intermissions were interactive.

Tiny Fish Printing's screen printing lab. M. Andre Primus (left), TEDxFlourCity2014 speaker and founder and director of RocShare, creating a screen printed poster, while Tiny Fish’s owner Tony Esteves (right) speaks with an attendee.

Another highlight of the day was the beautiful weather which allowed us to have lunch in the Miller Center’s outdoor public plaza, across the street from Kilbourn Hall.

Brown bags stuffed with 6 of Susan Plunkett’s Fabulous Foods LLC. lunch sandwiches, salads, fruits and bread were distributed. Attendees were asked to create a group of 6 people to share lunch with and explore the area around the Eastman School of Music.

Do you have any memorable moments from the event?

Send them to and we may share them in a blog post!

To those who attended the event: We thank you for attending and participating! It was an absolute pleasure to attend with you—your energy and enthusiasm helped to make TEDxFlourCity2014: Listen Closer a success!

If you weren’t able to attend our event this year, we hope you’ll be a part of our audience next year!

To all of our readers, we appreciate you and are excited to have you as a part of the TEDxFlourCity community! If you enjoyed reading this, please share by scrolling over the “share” button below, and keep spreading powerful ideas throughout the Rochester community!

Stay tuned and we will notify you as videos of each talk are posted online, announce our upcoming events and share articles about our speakers. If you follow us on facebook you'll be the first to know about each new blog post.

We'll see you back here in the next couple of weeks!