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TEDxFlourCitySalon Kickoff: Recap--In case you missed it!

  • Posted on: 17 February 2014
  • By: Irene

The TEDxFlourCitySalon Kickoff (held on January 22nd at The Daily Refresher) launched a successful start to the year and an exciting preview to the upcoming main event this June. Over 60 guests turned out, among them local students, professors, scientists, business owners and of course our featured speakers: Emily Wozniak, Jason Barrett and Nancy Allinger.

The best part about the night was the energy in the room. The Daily Refresher’s lowered lights, prohibition style decor, and friendly bar tenders provided an atmosphere that was both relaxed and stimulating. But the real magic was created by the participants and the speakers.

Guests engaged in conversation at the start of the night were hard to pull away from each other even as we asked them to take their seats for the opening of the event. They responded warmly as TEDxFlourCity members welcomed guests and when Emily Wozniak took the stage and spoke fondly about the positive impact becoming involved with TEDxFlourCity has had on her orchestra, SoundExchange.

The audience was captivated during the TED talk video that followed, and watched in silent fascination as Phil Hansen an artist with nerve damage described, and demonstrated, how embracing this limitation and the challenge to his creativity it posed, made it possible for him create innovative new art forms (Ever seen already-been-chewed art?).

Jason Barrett’s and Nancy Allinger’s talks on risk and failure and transforming weaknesses into strengths flowed easily with the theme of embracing limitations; Jason challenging us to reframe our thinking on failure and Nancy inspiring us to see the positive potential that may come with “trouble.”

Jason challenged all in attendance to look again at the biggest risks we have taken, and realize that many were the highlights of our lives.

Nancy beckoned us to approach life with the Monroe Miler’s motto: “open doors, let trouble in, and run!”

After hearing heartfelt stories and passionate calls to action shared by the two speakers, guests once again reconvened in the bar space. Jason stayed too and spoke with guests and spread the word about his new business, Black Button Distilling which held its grand opening on January 25th.

Guests enjoyed snacks, drink specials and conversation until well past the 9pm end time (a few were there until past 10:45). Bumping backs and sharing bar space with engaged and passionate Rochesterians ended the night on a vibrant note.  The event left us all craving more from TEDxFlourCity this year!

Stay tuned for news on our next salon coming soon this spring...