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Unforgettable experiences

  • Posted on: 29 August 2014
  • By: Irene

Hwaen Ch’uqi (pronounced  “hwen”- “chow-kay”) is hoping that after hearing his performance people will be moved. “… I’m not looking for a…sort of a momentary experience, what I’m striving for is some kind of experience that will actually change them for good…”

Originally from Peru, but raised in the U.S, Ch’qui  is a world renowned pianist and composer. He completed undergraduate and graduate studies in performance at the Eastman School of Music and is widely recognized for his work. He has been playing piano since the age of 5 and has performed all over the world.

The memories that have moved him the most have included these types of unforgettable experiences. Like when he was an aspiring pianist performing in a retirement community and, after the performance, inspired an audience member to share his musical talents on the piano with his co-residents for the first time.

 “He was able to remember a few things and then of course that brought back more, and then, you know, other people who he knew started surrounding the piano saying “I had no idea you played!” And so then they started giving him requests …by the end, it was this crowd of people around the instrument and…over the course of the experience his sound just kept getting more and more confident, his piano sound, and it was just one of the most thrilling things for me to see…I didn’t say goodbye to him, I just left with them singing to whatever it was he was [playing]…it was a very special thing and I knew that, that wasn’t something that was going to be a singular incident. “

In an ideal world Ch’uqi says, people would “have an inkling that they can—that there’s some beautiful potential inside of them, and maybe even acknowledge that that’s not where they are right now… every person has these potentials and could have these aspirations to do great things and that’s what I would love to see, is that everyone, no matter what their station in life having that notion of themselves and then being able to act upon it.”

Watch his performance “Extant Romanticism: Western Composition Through Inca Eyes”:



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