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Why you should procrastinate today

  • Posted on: 27 May 2014
  • By: Irene

It's official...All of our speakers' talks and performances have the TEDxFlourCity stamp of approval and are ready to go for June 15th! We ran our final speaker practice session on Sunday to prep our presenters for the stage. With two and a half weeks until the main event, we are moving into the final preparation phase for TEDxFlourCity2014: Listen Closer, full steam ahead!


As many of you ease back into your work week after a long vacation, you may be catching up on—or procrastinating from—your to do list. If applying to join the TEDxFlourCity2014 audience is on it, we invite you to take a break for a few minutes and do so. Go ahead, procrastinate productively with us. Here are a few more of our speakers revealed to inspire you to action:

Listen closer...

“I need you to listen to yourself.” Reenah Golden’s performance depicts her advice for her son, advice that is weighty enough to hold him firmly outside of a critical statistic for urban gay youth, and yet light enough to lift him above the taunts of his fellow classmates and into self acceptance.

There is a war on the streets of our perception, Alexis Harris, Michelle Sason and LaKeisha Brown testify. Listen closer to the truth behind the messages you have heard over and over again, delivered to women about their body image, and behavior. Find new meaning, as the trio reveal it in their spoken word performance.

How do you gather knowledge? What you learn during your networking and personal time may be more important than any formal training, or school experience you have ever received. Sean Bengry presents data on how we gather professional knowledge and the important role our social networks play in our learning experiences.

If you are excited about any of these speakers, scroll over the "share" button below and share liberally with your own social network.

We'll see you back here next week to keep you updated as the countdown to TEDxFlourCity2014 continues!