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Keidai Lee

Keidai (hint: rhymes with “hey, bye!”, emphasis on “Kei”) is fascinated by how TED gives a voice to some of the most courageous, intelligent, and empowering people from the most unexpected and admirable of places. He is grateful for the community of TEDxFlourCity’s collaboration with him in the opportunity to guide others in bridging the gap between their ideas and reality.

Currently, he is trying to figure out what things he can do (that he enjoys and is good at) in which people will give him money for. Additionally, he enjoys eating watermelon, exploring and developing approaches to provide voices to those who don’t have one, not becoming a doctor, planning his next steps to world domination, coloring on the walls, making music and short films, running around the streets at 4am, and spending time with people that believe he matters, such as talking with his stuffed pig, Squishy.

Instagram: @leekeidai
YouTube: Keidai Lee

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