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David Mammano

Making Love in the Work Place
Video Description: 

Dave thinks everyone should love the place they work. He shares his ideas about how organization leaders can promote an environment where people love to work. He also discusses ways employees can make this happen from the bottom up."

David Mammano has been on a mission to help people realize their highest potential through education. To accomplish this, he founded Next Step Magazine in 1995 . Now NextStepU, it uses multimedia to help more than four million students nationwide with college, career and life planning. Fourteen years later he furthered his mission by co-founding, an online resource directed at helping adults find the right educational path.David is a board member for The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), Junior Achievement and Nazareth College/School of Management. He is also chapter founder and past president of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)—Western New York Chapter. David resides in Rochester, NY with his wife and three kids. His hobbies include reading, cooking, eating, exercising and repeated attempts at humor. A full description of David Mammon's interests, activities and accomplishments can be found on his website