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Deborah Gears

Railway to Prosocial Crowdsourcing
Video Description: 

Deb will share a unique analysis of altruistic behavior that encompasses two seemingly dissimilar examples: The Underground Railroad and the Wiki (crowd-sourced information) movement.

Deborah Gears (PhD) is an associate professor in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology. Much of her work has focused on the phenomenon of crowd-sourced information building movements (e.g. wikis). In some of her analyses, she has drawn fascinating comparisons between the anatomy and functionality of the human body and the components of wiki collaboration.  Dr. Gears’ other work looks more closely at the motivational basis for people’s behavior in the context of wiki collaboration. For leisure, Deborah enjoys travel, creative reading, meditative music, and sporting activities that require paddles, racquets, or clubs.-