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Evan Selinger

Digital Age Etiquette
Video Description: 

Through small, everyday gestures, etiquette refines social life, giving us a shared sense of the importance of others. Evan discusses how information and communication technology impacts etiquette. He offers suggestions for conscientiously navigating common situations that leave us confused about whether to embrace new practices or cling to old standards.

Evan Selinger is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he is also Affiliated Faculty with the Golisano Institute for Sustainability and the Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction, and Creativity. Additionally, he’s a Fellow at The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology.  Evan’s research into ethical issues in technology, science, expertise, and sustainability is published in numerous academic journals and books. Because of his commitment to public engagement, you can also see Evan’s work in popular magazines, newspapers, and blogs, including: Wired, Slate, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and Three Quarks Daily.A love of travel and collaboration brought Evan to many international events—even Visiting Professorships at universities in Denmark and the Netherlands.  These days, however, the most important events are happening domestically, and typically center on activities related to his precocious daughter Rory.More information can be found at his website: