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Hartmut (Hucky) Land

Reexamining Cancer
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Hucky is at the forefront of a new perspective on cancer. He focuses his research on identifying unique differences in the gene networks of cancer cells as compared to normal cells and explains how a potential solution lies in targeting the interactions between the genetic mutations that cause cancer.

Dr. Hartmut (Hucky) Land is the Chair of the Department of Biomedical Genetics and Scientific Director of the Wilmot Cancer Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Having received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Heidelberg, he undertook postdoctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Whitehead Institute. In 1985 he moved to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London, where he headed the Growth Control and Development Laboratory. He has been at the University of Rochester since 1999.Dr. Land’s research has been published in Nature and Science, and he is one of the most frequently cited authors in the field of cancer genetics. The Land laboratory has pioneered investigation of the nature and underlying principles of cancer gene cooperation originating with the discovery that multiple oncogenic mutations are required for malignant cell transformation. More information about his research can be found on his lab’s website: