Oscar Pedroso

An Online Portfolio for STEM Students
Video Description: 

Oscar introduces us to Gradfly. Gradfly provides high school and college STEM students with a place to showcase their work, much like portfolio sites for art students. It also matches high school students with colleges and college students with careers to best suit their interests.

Oscar Pedroso is the Founder of GradFly. After working in public health and college admissions for the last five years, Oscar threw in the towel to pursue his own dream to start GradFly--a growing education tech startup based in Rochester and Buffalo NY. "There's absolutely nothing like creating something out of nothing and building an amazing team to make a vision come true. I finally found what I love to do."When Oscar is not occupied with GradFly, he’s helping others follow their paths and getting to know voraciously passionate folks. To decompress, he rows on a crew team and swim laps. “Life's too short, I love what I do, have fun in the process, and I've never looked back.”