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Alexis Harris, Michelle Sason, LaKeishia Brown

There is a war...
Video Description: 

Three RIT students perform a poem originally written for Maya Angelou. They tackle our perception of beauty and the lack of love in our society.

Michelle has been performing slam poetry for six years, bringing empowerment and awareness to audiences across the nation. A photography major at RIT, she is a two-time CUPSI National Poetry Slam competitor and this past February Michelle and her team took first in the ACUI regional slam poetry competition. She would like to thank her parents, Kathryn and Raphael, for always pushing her to never be afraid of using her voice. Michelle would also like to thank Alexander Jones for being her pillar, confidant, and best friend– “If we all went back to another time, I would love you over.”

Alexis Harris has been performing (singing, spoken word poetry, acting, dancing) since the age of 2. An intensely self-motivated individual, Alexis has always been one to take risks and stand out. She goes above and beyond, hoping to inspire as many people as possible. Alexis has performed for and worked with many GRAMMY awardees, nominees, and more. Her dream is to leave behind her own legacy of touching people and helping them through her gift of music. Alexis will be graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology in May.

As a fourth year Electrical Engineering student born in Florida, LaKeishia first started writing slams two years ago this time. Even though her first love is dancing, she has grown to develop a passion for slamming because it has given her yet another way to express her deepest emotions. It is definitely something that she will continue to do for as long as her hands can write and her voice can vibrate

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