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Jon Schull

e-NABLE -- volunteers changing the world with 3D-printed prosthetics
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Using an amazing combination of technology and generosity, Jon organized the E-nable community. This organization connects people with 3D printers to children in need of prosthetic hands. The hands are designed, printed, and assembled for free.

A biological psychologist, entrepreneur, community organizer, and Coordinator of RIT’s ​MAGIC ACT initiative (​​RIT's ​Media Arts Games Interaction and Creativity initiative for Access and Collaboration Technologies), Jon Schull has successfully implemented planning, problem solving, creativity, and innovation processes and projects in a variety of teams and organizations. Author of ​18 patents and scores of scholarly articles, Schull is an internationally recognized innovator in intellectual property protection, information commerce, intelligence in biological and artificial systems, active transportation and sustainability,​ crowd-sourced mass-customized volunteer-printed prosthetics,​ and the facilitation of multi-disciplinary collaboration via technology and mentoring.

Prof. Schull has delivered speeches at industry events, lectured at universities, and spoken to smaller groups on a variety of topics, electronic publishing, biological and cultural evolution, active transportation planning, the teaching and learning of innovation, and emerging technologies for collaboration.

Biological Psychologist