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Felix Kim

A Device to Reach One Million Eyes
Video Description: 

80% of visual impairment is preventable. Felix believes we all deserve the best possible sight in order to live a prosperous and fulfilling life. He will share some life-changing technology and his vision for expanding access to eye care.

Growing up in South Korea, Felix (Joung Yoon) Kim is a Philanthropist and Poet. Among his interests is writing poetry and sharing it with others. He launched a poetry society group at age 10. None of his friends in his age group became a part of it. Nonetheless, his poetry society group numbered over 7,000 ardent admirers and evangelists from kids to the elderly. This led to over 100 members actively meeting offline to write and share their poetry.
Felix still doesn’t know the answer for what brought people in and what made people so enthusiastic about such small thing. But he believes that the group was an escape for many of the members and became their comfort zone. He thinks he can do more of these good things again and again.
Felix left Korea, his homeland, at age fourteen by himself to the United States to enter high school in Plattsburg NY. Then at age nineteen he moved to Rochester NY to attend the University of Rochester, majoring in optics. At the present time Felix is CEO of the Ovitz Corporation a high tech startup entity. He hopes to help bring improved eye care to the underprivileged.

CEO of Ovitz