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Karsten Brooks

Rooted in Earth
Video Description: 

Karsten performs an original piece which Jay sets to Choreography.

While pursuing a degree in drum set performance from Towson University, Karsten Brooks began composing after being introduced to the piano. Since then, he has developed a sound all of his own on drum set and in his compositions. His wide reaching performing career includes playing with jazz combos, singer-songwriters, musicals and marching bands. His compositional career started with solo piano etudes/improvisations, some of which have been used in artistic collaborations. His piece The Stork was adopted by choreographer Kiera Sauter for an original dance that was premiered at the Charlotte Arts festival in 2013, his piece Ghosts was used in a John W. Borek production of Hamlet in 2014 and most recently he finished an album of original electronic compositions called Spleen, in which he uses 19th century French poetry as source material.