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Natasha S. Alford

The Courage to Report
Video Description: 

Natasha Alford has seen news in all its forms. She shares how the most important facet to powerful news is having the courage to report it, be it as a citizen or reporter.

Natasha's serpentine path to journalism began in Syracuse, NY when she was just fourteen. The only daughter of working-class parents, Natasha became an award-winning orator, earning scholarships and eventually her degree from Harvard in 2008.

After graduating, Natasha began working at legendary hedge fund Bridgewater; she soon left to answer a calling to teach middle school students in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Driven to shape public education at the policy level, she joined Students First, founded by the often polarizing reformer Michelle Rhee, in Sacramento, CA. Her advocacy put her squarely in the heated national debate about creating equal opportunity for students.

Inspired to reach a broader audience, Natasha decided to use her voice as a journalist. She attained her Master’s from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism (MSJ '14).

She now works as a reporter at WROC-TV telling stories of impact for the communities and people who inspired her journey.


You can follow her on Twitter at @natashasalford.