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Roja Singh

Delivering Education: A model to transform dehumanized children

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Roja Singh is deeply passionate about claiming human dignity and social justice for all, especially for Dalit women and children (members of the “untouchable” caste in India). She is a strong believer in education as key to effectively and confidently interrupt cycles of oppression. Roja draws strength from an earthy humanness that she sees in Dalit women’s ethics of caring for one another in their claims to social justice.

Born and brought up in Chennai, South India, Roja Singh is currently Visiting Assistant Professor at St. John Fisher College. Roja’s ongoing research and social activism focus on intersections of caste, class and gender in rural India as evident in the lives, experiences, leadership strategies, oral narratives and cultural expressions of Dalit communities of women in South India and other indigenous communities. Roja holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Rutgers and is President of Dalit Solidarity Forum in the USA, Inc. a nonprofit organization committed to the social and economic progress of Dalit communities.