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2016 Speakers

What Are You Doing?
Natural Leadership: What the Birds & the Bees & the Beasts Can Teach Us
Creative Entrepreneur
Creating Coworking: The Power of Flexible Sustainability
The Empire Has No Skin: A Deconstruction of America's Foundational Mythology
Artist and Replicator
Dioramas: Part Art, Part Science
Product Developer
A Tactile Code for All of Us
Guerrilla Preservationist / Urban Archaeologist
The American Insane Asylum: Stigma and Misconceptions
There's Only One Race
The Uninvited Guest
Editor in Chief of Open Mic Rochester
Why Minority Media Matters
Debt Free is the Way to Be
Kitchen Incubators: Entrepreneurship in the Food Business
Neuroscience’s legos, new building blocks to explore the brain
Planting of Purpose: There's No Such Thing as Can't
What the Killings of Cecil the Lion and Harambe the Gorilla Should Have Taught Us
e-NABLing Connected Humanitarians
Delivering Education: A model to transform dehumanized children
Treating PTSD: The Movie Theater Technique
Don't Call My Brother a Junkie
Child Abuse. Do Something.
Community Built Public Art as a Tool for Social Change